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BTS has been at the forefront of Guideline production in respiratory medicine for over 30 years. Our Guideline production process is accredited by NICE (awarded 2011, renewed 2017).  NICE Accreditation is valid for all our Guidelines published since July 2010 and runs until November 2021. The 2018 BTS Guideline Production Manual is available here.

Declarations of Interest

BTS Guideline Group members adhere to the BTS Policy for Working with the Biomedical Industry and complete an annual Declaration of Interest (DoI) during the period that the Guideline Group is active. For information on DoIs for BTS Guideline Groups please contact:

BTS guidelines published over 5 years ago can be found in the Guideline Archive. 

Guideline Archive


A-Z Disease / Condition Guideline title Publication date Review date/Review outcome Status
Asthma BTS/SIGN Asthma Guideline 2016 20160901 2016 Published September 2016. An updated guideline is due for publication in 2019. Valid
Bronchiectasis in Adults BTS Guideline for Bronchiectasis in Adults 20181201 2018 Valid
Bronchiolitis in Children NICE Guideline - Bronchiolitis in children: diagnosis and management 20150601 2015 Valid
COPD NICE Guideline COPD disease in over 16s: diagnosis and management 20181201 2018 Valid
Emergency Oxygen BTS Guideline for oxygen use in healthcare and emergency settings 20170501 2017 Published April 2015. Review due 2020 Valid
Home Oxygen BTS Guidelines for Home Oxygen Use in Adults 20150601 2015 Published April 2015. Review due 2020  Valid
Lung Cancer NICE Guideline - Lung Cancer: diagnosis and management 20190301 2019 Valid
Mesothelioma BTS Guideline for the Investigation and Management of Pleural Mesothelioma 20180201 2018 Published March 2018. Review Due 2023 Valid
NIV BTS/ICS Guideline for the Ventilatory Management of Acute Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure in Adults 20160301 2016 Published March 2016. Review due 2021 Valid
NTM BTS Guideline for the Management of Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Pulmonary Disease 20171001 2017 Published November 2017. Review Due 2022 Valid
Pneumonia Adults Annotated BTS CAP Guideline Summary of Recommendations 20150101 2015 Summary of the annotated BTS CAP recommendations produced in January 2015 Valid
Pulmonary Embolism BTS Guideline for the initial outpatient management of pulmonary embolism 20180601 2018 Published June 2018. Review due 2023 Valid
Pulmonary Nodules BTS Guidelines for the Investigation and Management of Pulmonary Nodules 20150801 2015 Published August 2015. Review due 2020 Valid
Smoking Cessation NICE Guideline - Stop smoking interventions and services 20180301 2018 Valid
TB NICE Guideline: Tuberculosis 20160101 2016 Valid
Cough NICE Cough (acute): antimicrobial prescribing 20190201 2019 Valid