Respiratory Nurse Specialists

BTS with the support of the Society's Specialist Nurse Group has developed this page to provide information and support for nurses working in respiratory care.

In 2016 the Society's Specialist Nurse Group spearheaded a research project about the respiratory specialist nurse workforce.  This was published in August 2017 in BMJ Open Respiratory Research  

The Group will continue to publish useful information and needs your help to augment this section of the website

BTS Committees and Specialist Advisory Groups

Many nurses enjoy working on BTS Committees and Specialist Advisory Groups (SAG) and gain valuable experience, contacts and friends in the process. There are also opportunities to work on various Guideline groups which provides a valuable source for learning and updating of knowledge. You can learn more about the Specialist Advisory Groups by attending the open meetings held during the BTS Winter Meeting.

The BTS website contains a wealth of educational resources and evidence-based, authoritative information about common respiratory topics.

Links and Resources

Below you will find generic job descriptions for Respiratory Nurse Specialists for band 6 and band 7.  We are grateful to Sam Prigmore, who works at St George's Hospital  for providing these documents.   We will be adding sub-specialty information to this page soon. 

Sam is also finishing her research project (VANGUARD), which is a study to identify and evaluate the impact of respiratory nurse specialists on patient health outcomes.  We will post more information about this when available.

Working as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist

Are you considering specialising in respiratory nursing? Watch the film below to learn more.

'Working in respiratory medicine is so exciting, there is so much diversity' Wendy Preston 



BTS Membership

If you are not yet a BTS member, for more information about the benefits of joining click here.  Nurses benefit from concessionary member rates which offer discounts on BTS courses and excellent delegate rates for the Society’s two annual conferences.  BTS members can join the European Respiratory Society for the heavily discounted rate of just £20.

If you have any resources or can recommend any links that you think a Respiratory Nurse Specialist and/or employers might find useful and should be included on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us.