Quality Standards

A Quality Standards statement based on each BTS Guideline is a key part of the range of supporting materials that the Society produces to assist in the implementation of Guideline recommendations. 

A quality standard is a set of specific, concise statements that:

  • act as markers of high quality, cost-effective patient care across a pathway or clinical area, covering treatment or prevention; and
  • are derived from the best available evidence and are produced collaboratively with the NHS along with their partners and service users.  

Declarations of Interest

BTS Quality Standards Group members adhere to the BTS Policy for working with the Biomedical Industry and complete an annual declaration of interest form during the period that the Guideline Group is active. Declarations of interest for current Groups are available here. For previous Quality Standards please contact: bts@brit-thoracic.org.uk

In Preparation

BTS is currently working on a new Quality Standards based on recently published BTS Guidelines:

  • BTS Quality Standards for the outpatient management of pulmonary embolism

Publication of this Quality Standard is expected in 2019.

December 2018 

Quality Standards

A-Z Disease / Condition Title Publication date
TB NICE Quality Standard for Tuberculosis 2017
Home oxygen adults BTS Home Oxygen Quality Standards 2017
Pulmonary Nodules BTS Pulmonary Nodules Quality Standards 2018
NIV BTS NIV Quality Standards 2018
CF NICE Cystic Fibrosis Quality Standards 2018
Asthma NICE Asthma Quality Standards 2013
Bronchiectasis BTS Bronchiectasis Quality Standards 2012
Bronchiolitis NICE Bronchiolitis in Children Quality Standards 2016
Flexible Bronchoscopy BTS Diagnostic Flexible Bronchoscopy Quality Standards 2014
Pneumonia adults NICE Community Acquired Pneumonia Quality Standards 2016
COPD NICE COPD Quality Standards 2016
IPF NICE IPF Quality Standards 2015
Pulmonary rehabilitation BTS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Standards 2014
Neuromuscular Weakness BTS Respiratory Management of Children with Neuromuscular Weakness Quality Standard 2014
Smoking Cessation NICE Smoking Cessation Quality Standards 2013