Stop Smoking Champions

Everyone can get involved in the battle against the huge burden of smoking-related morbidity and mortality, and the injustice of consequential health inequalities.

'Helping people to stop smoking is one of the single most important things I can do'

Dr Sanjay Agrawal


In 2014 BTS established a network of Stop Smoking Champions to disseminate information and best practice in this area. Champions work across all healthcare settings raising the profile of smoking cessation and providing education and support to patients and colleagues. 

The role of a Stop Smoking Champion is to:

  • Liaise with Management and Consultant Colleagues to raise the profile of smoking cessation
  • Take a lead in developing Hospital Strategy on maintenance of the Smoke Free environment
  • Develop a CQUIN or equivalent for incentivising stop smoking activity in the Trust
  • Assess specific hospital requirements and plan appropriately for quit smoking services
  • Provide clinical supervision and support to staff involved in referrals or prescription of smoking cessation medication
  • Facilitate education and training to junior doctors and other front-line staff
  • Audit outcomes annually

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Stop Smoking Champions Study Day

A study day for Stop Smoking Champions was held at Glenfield Hospital in late 2015. The main aim of the day was to enable the sharing of ideas, challenges and also solutions, and also to develop links with colleagues working in this area. Sessions on the day included the implementation of smoke-free policies, discussion on e-cigarettes, pharmacotherapy and pre-op smoking cessation. To read more click here.


October 2017