QI Methodology

A collection of resources on QI theory, methodology and training are available below. For BTS QI interventions such as care bundles, alert cards and teaching slides please see the separate topic listings.

Public Health Wales - 1000 Lives Improvement

This service supports national and local improvement programmes across primary, community and acute care. There are wide array of resources publically available on the 1000 Lives Improvement website including condition specific guides, case studies, run chart templates, and other tools.    

This is supported by Improving Quality Together, a national learning programme for all NHS Wales current and future workforce, which aims to deliver a common and consistent approach to improving the quality of services. There are three main levels: Bronze; Silver and Gold. Bronze is an online module aimed at all staff and covers:

  • Standardising processes, improving teamwork and communication
  • 6 Domains of Quality: Safe, Efficient, Effective, Timely, Equitable and Patient Centred.
  • Model for Improvement (Aims, Measures, Changes and PDSA cycles)
  • Driver diagrams
  • Data display and analysis (run charts)

The Bronze module is open access and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.  Click here to register for IQT Bronze online training.

NHS Scotland - Quality Improvement Hub 

Started as a collaboration between Healthcare Improvement Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland and others, the hub was created to support NHS boards with implementation of the Healthcare Quality Strategy. Resources are grouped into several broad areas:

Learning resources

Patient safety resources

Materials (case studies, videos and toolkits) 

Quality and Efficiency resources

Royal College of Physicians – Learning to Make a Difference and QI Hub

This project, produced in collaboration with the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board, was designed to empower junior doctors through the development of quality improvement skills. The site hosts a range of resources from video tutorials to example QI projects. Read more...

More general resources and information on QI courses can also be found on the RCP’s Quality Improvement Hub.