Pulmonary Rehabilitation

To ensure that recent advances in Pulmonary Rehabilitation standard setting and clinical audit are supported by a rigorous Quality Improvement (QI) programme, BTS established the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Improvement Advisory Group (PRQIAG) in 2015.

The PRQIAG is Chaired by Professor Sally Singh and details of members are available here. Terms of Reference for the Group are available in the Related Documents section, along with a brief BTS Statement on Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Accreditation Pilot Scheme

One of the first tasks of the PRQIAG was to act as the clinical advisory body for a pulmonary rehabilitation accreditation pilot scheme led by the Royal College of Physicians of London. The purpose of the pilot was to assess the feasibility of developing a full accreditation scheme for pulmonary rehabilitation. The pilot project was supported by stakeholders including the British Lung Foundation and National COPD Audit Programme, and by the NHS England Chief Scientific Officer.

The accreditation process is based on meeting a set of accreditation standards - attainment of the standards is assessed by a combination of a site visit and pre-visit submission of written evidence. The standards used in the pilot scheme were based on the BTS Quality Standards for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. They were developed in consultation with the PRQIAG, and incorporated feedback collected via a public consultation conducted in late 2015/early 2016.  

A call for volunteers to act as pilot sites and assessors was issued in late 2015 and five sites were selected to cover a range of locations and types of PR programme. Training for pilot sites and assessors was undertaking in February 2016 and assessment visits took place in April 2016. Findings from the pilot scheme were very positive and it is hoped that a full accreditation scheme will be commissioned in due course. 

The pilot evaluation report including the accreditation standards used is available here.  

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training and Resources 

The PRQIAG has developed training and resources to help PR practitioners in their day to day work.

A BTS Short Course has been developed to cover the fundamentals of PR. This first course ran in April 2017 and will run for a second time just before the BTS Winter Meeting in December - details are available here.  

The Group has also established a PR programme area on Respiratory Futures as a repository for information on quality improvement and best practice, and has launched a PR forum to enable further sharing of ideas and leaning. Please send any suggestions for the PR programme pages and PR forum to: laura.searle@brit-thoracic.org.uk.


October 2017