Oxygen Champions

BTS holds information about local Oxygen Champions based in acute hospitals/trusts.  This network was originally established to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of the 2008 BTS Guideline for Emergency Oxygen use in adult patients.

Oxygen champions have been instrumental in improvements in oxygen prescribing within their institutions. Champions have also been closely involved in the conduct of the BTS emergency oxygen audits over the past few years.

The updated BTS Emergency oxygen guideline was published in May 2017. To ensure our network of oxygen champion contacts is up to date, we are inviting all oxygen champions in acute hospitals to reconfirm their contact details and to note the brief description of the role and function of oxygen champions from 2016 onwards.

Oxygen Champions:

  • A lead contact for communications from BTS regarding the BTS emergency oxygen guideline (for communications within the hospital/trust and between BTS and hospital).
  • A lead contact for information about BTS emergency oxygen audits.
  • A point of contact for other oxygen champions (BTS will facilitate occasional contact between oxygen champions in different hospitals).
  • A contact point for provision of information and advice on oxygen issues to staff within the hospital (the activities of any individual oxygen champion will depend on their specific local circumstances and any such activities are not defined by BTS).
  • While it is likely that most oxygen champions are also BTS members, membership of BTS is not required (although we encourage all non-members to join).
  • It is likely that there may be more than one oxygen champion in a hospital/trust, and the current oxygen champion scheme is focussed on acute hospitals.
  • Oxygen champions do not officially represent BTS in any capacity. 
  • By agreeing to act as an oxygen champion for an institution, the individual accepts that BTS will retain an individual’s contact details and may share contact details with other oxygen champions or contacts that have a similar interest in emergency oxygen issues.
  • Oxygen champions are encouraged to use the resources to be found on the BTS website, and the Respiratory Futures websites to assist them in their role (click here to register for Respiratory Futures updates).

For further information please contact laura.searle@brit-thoracic.org.uk. 

October 2017