COPD Care Bundles Research Project

An evaluation of the effectiveness of ‘care bundles’ as a means of improving hospital care and reducing hospital readmission for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

This multi-disciplinary study being carried out by the University of Bristol seeks to evaluate the impact of admission and discharge care bundles for patients admitted to hospital with COPD. The study will compare the effectiveness of care bundles with usual care as a means of improving hospital care and reducing readmissions for patients with exacerbated COPD.

The study will include up to 20 hospital trusts in England and Wales who have agreed to deliver the COPD care bundles and another group of up to 20 hospital trusts who will not be delivering them. By comparing how many patients are admitted to, discharged from and readmitted to each type of hospital over time, and what happens to patients during and after their stay, the research team will be able to assess how successful COPD care bundles are.

The study will take place over a three-year period, and will provide independent evidence of the impact of COPD care bundles on care during and after hospital admissions and future readmissions. It will also indicate how a coordinated care package might improve quality of care, equity of access, patient and carer experience and service delivery for COPD patients within the acute setting, taking into account cost implications and implementation challenges.

BTS is working closely with the University of Bristol and colleagues in trusts across the country that will be delivering care bundles for COPD as part of this research project.

March 2017