Lung Disease Registries

The BTS Lung Disease Registries Programme provides a means of national data collection currently encompassing three disease areas: IPF, sarcoidosis and MDR-TB. It is anticipated that additional Registries will be available for use in the future.

BTS ILD Registry
The BTS ILD Registry collects data on the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of patients with IPF and sarcoidosis. Collected data is used to enable a greater understanding of the epidemiology of these comparatively rare disease areas

Read an interim analysis on data collected on Sarcoidosis in the UK: insights from British Thoracic Society registry data 

BTS MDR-TB Clinical Advice Service
The MDR-TB Clinical Advice Service is a resource for clinicians treating patients who have MDR-TB. Data collected through this service is used to provide robust clinical advice on a case by case basis.

Additionally, the UK Severe Asthma Registry, managed through Queen's University Belfast, aims to standardise clinical services in the UK and facilitate research. Its predecessor, the Difficult Asthma Registry, was affiliated to the British Thoracic Society.