VANGUARD research project

The VANGUARD project aims to identify and evaluate the impact of Respiratory Nurse Specialists on patient health outcomes by developing and validating a set of Respiratory Nurse Sensitive Outcome Indicators (NSOI) for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The study is being conducted by the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at the University of Manchester. The Lead researcher is Samantha Prigmore.

We know that the nursing contribution to the care and management of people with respiratory diseases, including COPD is valued by patients. However, we do not know exactly what it is that makes a difference to their experiences and the outcome of their treatment. Nurse Sensitive Outcome Indicators (NSOI) can be used to measure the change in patient condition or experiences of care that are strongly influenced by nursing care input.

The project aim is to develop a set of key specialist respiratory NSOI to be used in clinical practice to indicate the quality of nursing care for patients with COPD.
The study is being carried out in three stages:
Stage 1: A scoping exercise to identify a potential set of key specialist respiratory NSOI, which will involve a consensus exercise to determine the relevance and priority of the potential indicators identified. (completed June 2015)
Stage 2: Assessing the current evidence-base for respiratory NSOI.
Stage 3: Conduct pilot testing of the NSOI set to establish, feasibility, reliability and preliminary validity.

The Steering Committee, chaired by Sheila Edwards, includes a national network of partners. The Committee meets twice each year at BTS Headquarters.

The project is supported by
Boeringher Ingelheim