BTS Medal 2017

BTS Medal

Professor Peter Ormerod will receive the BTS medal at a ceremony during the Society's Winter Meeting on 6th December.  The Medal is awarded annually to a distinguished person who has greatly contributed to Respiratory Medicine in Britain.   

Peter suffered from isolated right axillary lymphadenopathy aged 7, and was diagnosed with TB. He was so fascinated with the medical process, that he decided then to become a doctor.

He qualified in 1974 with Honours from Manchester, having done an intercalated BSc in Pharmacology in 1971. He was the first general/thoracic Registrar at East Birmingham in 1977, working with David Stableforth and Craig Skinner. There, putting people into the British Tuberculosis Association short-course chemotherapy trial rekindled his interest in TB.

He was appointed as Consultant Chest/GIM Consultant in Blackburn in 1980 aged 29, then the 4th highest TB incidence district in the country, with a brief to control TB in the district. He worked there as a full-time clinician, doing 1:7 unselected on-call until 2010, when he went part-time.

His MD in 1986 (Manchester) was on the first 1000 TB patients he had treated. In 1987 he was appointed to both the Joint TB Committee (JTC), for which BTS provides the secretariat, and the BCG Committee of the Joint COmmittee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).  He served on both for 30 years to 2017. He was Chair of the JTC in 1995-2000, and in 2012-15. He was Consultant Advisor on TB to the Department of Health in Engand between 1997-2003.  

In 2000 he was awarded a Personal Chair by the University of Central Lancs, and the first Medical DSc by Manchester University for his operational and clinical research. In 2002 he received the Weber-Parkes Prize from the Royal College of Physicians of London. From 2003 to 2006 he was Clinical Advisor to the NICE TB Guidelines. In 2006 he received a platinum Merit Award and in 2011 he was awarded an additional personal Chair by Manchester University. He was elected President of BTS in 2008, the first from a non-teaching, or as he describes it, a ’Learning’ Hospital.

He suffered a non-dominant stroke in 2012, shortly before his part-time retirement, but recovered quite well, he attended Summer and Winter BTS Meetings, continued his clinical research and publications, and chaired the JTC again, and is expert Advisor to the North West TB Control Board.  All this he couldn’t have done without the unstinting support of his wife Pauline.

He has been associated with all Mycobacterial Guidelines produced by the BTS from 1990 up to and including the NTM Guidance in November 2017.

 (110 Peer-reviewed Publications, 17 book-chapters, and 1 book about TB)