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Models of Care Committee

The Models of Care Committee was established in 2015 to take forward the Society's work on promoting an integrated approach to providing care for people who have respiratory illnesses. 

Its work has expanded and its new remit (October 2018) is :-

  • to provide clinical leadership and direction for project management and communications staff who support the Respiratory Futures (RF) programme
  • to enable RF to be the main provider of liaison on clinical and healthcare delivery matters for providers, NHSE and other national health services, and users
  • to be the core group for consultation and partnership working with external stakeholders to develop activities and provision
  • via its Chair, to advise, and take advice from, the BTS Board of Trustees 
Dr Jennifer Quint Chair Declaration of Interest 2019
Dr Hina Iftikhar Declaration of Interest 2019
Professor Onn Min Kon Declaration of Interest 2019
Miss Nikki Webster Declaration of Interest 2019