Vacancies on BTS Committees 2018

Places on BTS Committees are filled in 3 ways:- 

• by volunteers
• by elected Council members;
• and, in some cases, by representatives of relevant stakeholder organisations, on an invited basis. 

We are looking for enthusiastic people from all sections of the membership who feel they can make a contribution as volunteers and who can serve from December 2018 and commit to 3 years in the role.  To apply you must be a current member of BTS. Membership of BTS Committees and Groups reflects the diverse nature of the Society's membership much more than it did 7-8 years ago, and Trustees are keen to see this trend continue. 

Members who wish to be considered for the vacancies listed below should apply using the online election system via the link to each Committee.    
The closing date is noon on Friday 24 August 2018. Applications can be submitted here.  We can only accept electronic applications. 

Please read through the activities of the various Committees outlined below.  Applications will be scored according to how well applicants tailor their applications to the remits of the Committees and what you feel you can contribute. 

We are seeking volunteers for the following places on our major (Standing) Committees:


We are seeking 2 Trainee members.
This Committee is responsible for:-
  • developing the programme for the Society’s Summer Meeting, reviewing and commissioning the annual short courses programme; and the Society's  e-Learning activities
  • ensuring that educational opportunities are provided for a multi-disciplinary audience and are linked to the Society's Quality Improvement programme
  • liaison with the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board Specialty Advisory Committee (JRCPTB SAC) for Respiratory Medicine to ensure that the training needs contained within the curriculum for training  in respiratory medicine are adequately provided for at a national level, and information is provided to regional Training Programme Directors and Specialist Trainees.

The Committee constitution is available here 

Information Governance Committee  

We are seeking 2 consultant members and 1 Trainee member for this new BTS Committee. 

The Information Governance Committee has the important role of providing strategic direction and leadership for the Society’s information data collection activities (including both the clinical audit and registry programmes) as well as overseeing the Society’s overall information governance arrangements.  We invite those with a particular interest in information governance and matters related to the use of clinical data for research and quality improvement to apply. 

This Committee is responsible for:- 

  • oversight of the Society’s Information Governance Policies and procedures, with specific reference to the Society’s data collection activities 
  • strategic management and supervision of the Society’s individual registry programmes
  • provision of advice and direction for the Society’s involvement in data collection in relation to specialised commissioning 
  • coordinating/facilitating the Society’s work in the area of respiratory coding.

The Committee constitution is available here

Quality Improvement Committee

We are seeking 1 Consultant member, and 1 Trainee member.

This Committee is responsible for:-

  • Strategic direction and support for the delivery of the Society’s Quality Improvement Programme. This will involve work across the following activities:
    - Strategic oversight of the Society’s Clinical Audit programme;
    - Strategic oversight of the Society’s Registry and advice programmes (ILD, MDRTB and other registry activities that may arise in future);
    - Review of other data collection activities, including surveys, and other projects involving data collection and analysis

  • Support for achieving professional standards in relation to individuals: this includes
    revalidation (relicensing and re‐certification) and governance in liaison with the
    activities of the Royal Colleges.

The Committee constitution is available here 

Science and Research Committee

We are seeking 2 Consultant members, 2 Trainee members and a Respiratory Nurse Specialist member.

The Committee has two main functions:

  • to develop a high quality, balanced scientific Winter Meeting which promotes dissemination of the very best scientific and therapeutic advances in lung disease and lung health from the UK and worldwide;
  • to explore ways in which there might be access to BTS networks for recruitment to studies that are not eligible for consideration by the NCRN and/or NHS portfolio (for example surveys of rare lung diseases). 

The Committee constitution is available here

Specialty Workforce Committee

We are seeking 1 Consultant (England) representative, 1 Consultant to represent Northern Ireland and 1 Trainee member.

This Committee is responsible for:-

  • collating information about Specialist Training vacancies and appointments;
  • keeping track of the medical consultant workforce, including consultant retirements;
  • promoting family-friendly policies;
  • annual discussions with national departments of health about training numbers and related policy matters;
  • seeking assistance from Regional Training Programme Directors and the Respiratory Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) in the gathering and dissemination of this information, and the Society’s Specialist Training Advisory Group (STAG), so that rapid action can be taken in response to national developments;
  • liaison with other healthcare professional groups regarding their workforces to ensure synergy of activity and a sharing of ideas with others on how this data is captured and processed.
The Committee constitution is available here.

We are seeking 1 Consultant member and 2 Trainee members.
The BTS Standards of Care Committee has three major responsibilities:
  • Guideline development. This involves the development and maintenance of robust systems for the production of the Society’s own Guidelines, from assessing the need for a Guideline to the submission for publication
  • Production of Quality Standards, based on BTS Guidelines, which aim to provide clinicians, commissioners, planners and patients with a guide to the standards of care that patients with a particular disease/condition should expect, together with measurable markers of good practice 
  • Production of Clinical Statements which will be commissioned by the Committee and produced according to the agreed procedures 
  • Additionally the Committee will identify research questions arising from Guideline development work and refer these directly to the NIHR Respiratory Specialty Group.

The Committee constitution is available here