Eligibility and Fees

See what membership category you are eligible for and how much it costs.

The different membership categories and subscription rates are shown in the table below.  

Also listed under Related Documents, ‘Membership Information’ gives you more details about how we operate the membership scheme.

Join before 1 April to qualify for the members’ rate at the Summer Meeting, and before 1 October to qualify for the members’ rate at the Winter Meeting.

All BTS members resident in the UK may join ERS for a discounted rate.  You can add ERS membership to your BTS membership application and join both Societies at the same time.  Existing BTS members can also add ERS to their BTS membership by clicking here.  

To improve the service and value for money we offer to our members, applicants pay a 12 month BTS subscription which is renewable on the anniversary of the joining date. This means that members can enjoy discounted rates for short courses and conferences from the moment they join.

In accordance withour agreement with ERS, the subscription covers the period from 1 July until 30 June of the following year.  This applies irrespective of when the ERS application is made during that period.

Member Category

              Annual subscription


By Direct Debit

    By Credit /        Debit Card


(without Journal)



  • Medical Students,
  • CMT (Core Medical Trainees) years 1 & 2 and Foundation Year 1 and 2 doctors


(with Journal)



  • Specialty Trainees: ST3 ST4 and ST5 grades.
  • Nurses and other Health Care Professionals
  • Retired consultants doing sessional work/still registered to practice with GMC
  • Rate for senior STs on OOPE, OOPR or other leave (maximum 2 years)




  • ST6, ST7 and beyond
  • Consultants, Specialty Doctors
  • Overseas - other than those in HINARI category – Group A (free access)
  • Members from industry, Managers, other


(without Journal)



  • Nurses and other Health Care Professionals including members of BALR who do not wish to take the journal

*Please note Doctors and Trainee Doctors must take the journal

Overseas  Low Income Countries



  • Approved by BTS, defined by the WHO Hinari Initiative – Group A (free access) www.who.int/hinari/eligibility/en/


(without Journal)



  • Existing members (minimum of 1 years’ membership) who have retired from medical practice