BTS Committees and Advisory Groups - Declarations of Interest

All members of BTS Committees, Specialist Advisory Groups and other working groups (including active guideline groups) are required to complete an annual declaration of interest form in line with the Society's policy on joint working with the biomedical industry.

Please use the following links to review declarations of interest from individual Committee and Group members.

Declarations of interest relating to published guidelines may be requested by contacting

January 2019


Education and Training Committee
Information Governance Committee
Models of Care Committee
Nominations Committee
Quality Improvement Committee
Science & Research Committee
Specialty Workforce Committee
Standards of Care Committee


Asthma SAG
Cough SAG
Critical Care SAG
Cystic Fibrosis SAG
Interstitial & Rare Lung Disease SAG
Lung Cancer & Mesothelioma SAG
Nurse Advisory Group
Occupational & Environmental Disease SAG
Pleural Disease SAG
Pulmonary infection SAG
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Improvement Advisory Group
Pulmonary Rehabilitation SAG
Pulmonary Vascular Disease SAG
Sleep Apnoea SAG
Specialist Trainees Advisory Group
Tobacco SAG
Tuberculosis SAG

Guideline Groups

Long Term Macrolide Use Guideline Group 2016
Paediatric Sleep Disorders Guideline Group
Pleural Disease 2018

Quality Standard Group

Quality Standards for Outpatient PE


BTS Head Office Staff
BTS/ARTP Joint Strategy Board
Clinical Audit Leads
Clinical Statement Air Travel
Clinical Statement Sarcoidosis
Lung Disease Registry Steering Group
MDRTB Clinical Service Advisers
QI Tool - Paediatric Pneumonia
Thoracic Ultrasound - Training Standards