BTS President 2018 - 2019 vacancy

We are seeking nominations for President-elect, to serve for 2 years from December 2018.  He or she will serve as President-elect in 2019 with their Presidential year being 2020. 

The President-elect will be elected by members.  Applications must be received by noon on Friday 24 August 2018 and can be submitted here.  If an election is necessary, an online election will be held from 3 September 2018.  All BTS members will be eligible to vote.

All nominees must be proposed and seconded by members of the Society and be WITH THE CONSENT OF THE NOMINEE who should indicate acceptance of the nomination. Each nomination MUST be accompanied by a BRIEF (fewer than 6 lines) synopsis of the nominee’s career and stating why he or she should be elected, and what skills and experience they will bring to the role.

Download the job description for the role here:  

It is recommended that any member considering applying for this post discusses it with their Trust/employer to gain approval prior to application.

Professor Mark Woodhead is President in 2018 and would be happy to discuss the role further.  He can be contacted via