Standards of Care Committee

The Standards of Care Committee has two major responsibilities:

  • Primarily, Guideline development.  This involves the development and maintenance of robust systems for the production of the Society’s own Guidelines, from assessing the need for a Guideline to the submission for publication, in line with NHS Evidence Accreditation criteria.   The scope of this work will involve Guidelines on specific diseases, specific procedures and on processes of care, plus advice about key messages for dissemination, associated audit tool(s) and patient information. 
  • Production of Quality Standards, based on BTS Guidelines, which aim to provide clinicians, commissioners, planners and patients with a guide to the standards of care that patients with a particular disease/condition should expect, together with measurable markers of good practice.

An emerging and important area of activity is the production of shorter Clinical Statements in clinically important areas where there may not yet be a lot of evidence.  We aim to provide a series of clinical best practice points for the guidance of clinicians.

The Committee is also tasked with identifying  research questions arising from Guideline and Quality Standards development work and refer these directly to the NIHR Respiratory Specialty Group.

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Dr Luke Howard is Chair of the Committee.  Current membership is given below. Click on an individual name to view the current Declaration of Interest.

Mrs Isabelle Babin-Cooper
Dr Shaney Barratt
Ms Amy Bendall
Dr Angshu Bhowmik
Dr Malcolm Brodlie
Dr Nicholas Duffy
Mrs Sheila Edwards
Dr Luke Howard
Dr Ricky Jones
Dr Ricardo Jose
Miss Cassandra Lynch
Dr Alexandros Mathioudakis
Dr Rahul Mukherjee
Dr Pujan Patel
Dr Crichton Ramsay
Professor Stephen Scott
Dr Laura Succony
Dr Alexandra Teagle
Dr Rebecca Thursfield

Committee Documents