Specialty Workforce Committee

The Committee's  work involves:-

  • collating information about Specialist Training vacancies and appointments;
  • keeping track of the medical consultant workforce, including consultant retirements;
  • developing a programme of activities in relation to the respiratory nurse workforce;
  • promoting family-friendly policies;
  • annual discussions with national Departments of Health about training numbers and related policy matters;
  • seeking assistance from Regional Training Programme Directors and the Respiratory Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) in the gathering and dissemination of this information, and the Society’s Specialist Training Advisory Group (STAG), so that rapid action can be taken in response to national developments;
  • liaison with other healthcare professional groups regarding their workforces to ensure synergy of activity and a sharing of ideas with others on how this data is captured and processed.


The Committee is chaired by Dr Graeme Wilson.  Current membership is given below. Click on an individual name to view current Declarations of Interest.

Dr Charlotte Addy
Dr Kavita Dave
Mrs Sheila Edwards
Dr Sabrine Hippolyte
Dr Catherine Houghton
Dr Kartik Kumar
Dr Eric Livingston
Dr Daniel Menzies
Miss Helen Morris
Mrs Samantha Prigmore
Dr Sarah Sibley
Dr Emily Ward
Dr Adam Whittle
Dr Graeme Wilson

Committee Documents