Specialty Trainee Advisory Group

The Specialist Trainees Advisory Group (STAG) was established in 2009. Its purpose is:

  • to ensure that the work of the Society fully reflects the needs and views of its members who are doctors in training
  • to advise the Society on matters from the perspective of the Specialist Trainee in respect of education and training, workforce issues, research, Quality Improvement and professional and organisational standards
  • to ensure that trainee doctor input is included in the Society’s work to improve the care of people with respiratory diseases - including treatment, therapy and procedures; appropriate standards of care and resources; and education and research requirements
  • to be the main channel through which the Society can receive the views of Specialist Trainee members and through which the Society can send information to members about the areas mentioned above      
  • to have a  pivotal role in communication and linking together a wide range of activities (there is at least one Specialist trainee on each of the Society’s Standing Committees and three on the SAC for Respiratory Medicine).       

The Chair of the Group serves on BTS Council, ex-officio.


The STAG is chaired by Dr Lola Loewenthal.   Members are listed below - click on an individual name to view the current Declaration of Interest.

Dr Rachel Dancer
Dr Amanda Goodwin
Dr Robert Grecian
Dr Sabrine Hippolyte
Dr Hina Iftikhar
Dr Anita Jayadev
Dr Akhilesh Jha
Dr Kartik Kumar
Dr Neelam Kumar
Dr Eleanor Lanning
Dr Lola Loewenthal
Dr Alexandros Mathioudakis
Dr Irene Moore
Dr Pujan Patel
Dr Sheila Ramjug
Dr Daniel Smith
Dr Alexandra Teagle

Specialist Advisory Group Documents