Quality Improvement Committee

Following the governance review in 2015, the Society's Professional and Organisational Standards Committee (POSC) was re-named the BTS Quality Improvement Committee, to reflect a shift in focus and development of the work-plan for the Committee.

There are two main areas of work:-

  • Support for achieving professional standards in relation to individuals: this includes revalidation (relicensing and re-certification) and governance in liaison with the activities of the Royal Colleges;
  • Support for organisational standards in four main areas:
  1. Delivery of the Society’s Clinical Audit programme;
  2. Delivery of the Society’s Quality Improvement activities (e.g. care bundles);
  3. Oversight of the Society’s data collection activities, including registries, surveys, and other data collection activities and analysis activities;
  4. Coordinating/facilitating the Society’s work in the area of respiratory coding.

In undertaking these responsibilities the Committee has input from sub-groups and individuals, as follows:

  1. A National Clinical Audit Board, chaired by the Audit Programme Director, with membership comprising the clinical audit leads for each individual BTS audit;
  2. A clinical data subgroup (previously the clinical data SAG) – the Chair of which will be a member of POSC;
  3. The Chair of the Registry Steering Committee is a member of the QIC;
  4. A lead for Quality Improvement activities, identified from within the membership of the QIC.  

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The Committee is chaired by Dr Jonathan Bennett.   Current membership is given below. Click on an individual name to view the current Declaration of Interest. 

Mrs Sheila Edwards
Mrs Lizzie Grillo
Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall
Professor Richard Hubbard
Dr Anita Jayadev
Dr Mark Juniper
Dr Eleanor Lanning
Dr Malcolm Lawson
Dr Andrew Molyneux
Dr Daniel Smith
Professor Michael Steiner

Committee Documents