Nurse Advisory Group

The BTS Nurse Advisory Group was established in 2008 following a survey of nurse members.

A clear view emerged that there was a need for the respiratory nurse perspective to be embedded more effectively within the Society in order to:

  • ensure that the work of the Society fully reflects the respiratory nursing dimension
  • advise the Society on matters which influence the care of patients from the perspective of the respiratory nurse, (including treatment, therapy and procedures; appropriate standards of care and resources; and education and research requirements).
  • be the main channel through which the Society can receive the views of nurse members and through which the Society can send information to members about the areas mentioned above. 
  • have a pivotal role in communication and linking together the wide range of activities within differing specialist nursing areas as well as generic issues.  It will be at the centre of a new communications "hub" for nurse members.

The Chair of the Group serves on BTS Council, ex-officio and ensures that effective liaison is carried out with related nursing bodies in the UK, including ARNS, NPRANG and the RCN.

In 2013, the Group secured funding to identify and evaluate the impact of respiratory nurse specialists on patient health outcomes- the VANGUARD programme. More information about this project will be posted here shortly.


The Nurse Advisory Group is chaired by Janelle Yorke.   Members are listed below - click on an individual name to view the current Declaration of Interest.

Mrs Leanne Jo Holmes
Mrs Susan Hope
Miss Helen Morris
Mrs Samantha Prigmore

Specialist Advisory Group Documents