The Society's Council has a significant role. It acts as a sounding board and advisory body in respect of Society policies and provides Trustees with access to general membership opinion.

Bi-annual meetings of Council are timed to take place in the mornings before Trustees meet, so that related operational decisions can be made quickly and effectively.

Council comprises 18 elected members plus the BTS Board and several ex-officio appointments (including the Chairs of the BTS Specialty Trainees Advisory Group, the BTS Nurse Specialist Advisory Group, the British Paediatric Respiratory Society, the British Lung Foundation and the British Association for Lung Research.

Elections take place for 6 new Council members each year. The constitution requires that one member under the age of 35 should be elected annually. 


Council meetings are chaired by the President. Current members are:

Dr Charlotte Addy
Mrs Alison Armstrong
Dr Jonathan Bennett
Dr Jayesh Bhatt
Dr Angshu Bhowmik
Baroness Tessa Blackstone
Dr Kavita Dave
Mrs Sheila Edwards
Dr Mark Elliott
Dr Michael Gibbons
Professor Mark Griffiths
Mrs Lizzie Grillo
Dr Alanna Hare
Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall
Dr Nick Hopkinson
Professor John Hurst
Dr Ricardo Jose
Dr Lola Loewenthal
Dr William Man
Dr Mohammed Munavvar
Professor Najib Rahman
Professor Douglas Robinson
Dr Shahideh Safavi
Dr Chris Scotton
Dr Laura Succony
Dr Jay Suntharalingam
Dr Muhammad Tufail
Dr Aashish Vyas
Dr Emily Ward

Committee Documents