BTS Board

BTS Board members are also the Trustees of the Society, providing strategic decision-making and direction for the Chief Executive and other senior staff who are responsible for delivering the operations and activities that underpin the Society’s strategy.

The Committee comprises five Honorary Officer positions; the Chairs of the seven Standing Committees; a lay member and up to two others, chosen by the BTS Board for their particular expertise in relevant areas according to the requirements of the Society’s Strategic Plan. 

Honorary Officers 2019

Dr Jon Bennett, Chair
Dr Justin Pepperell, Honorary Secretary
Dr Paul Walker, Honorary Treasurer
Dr  Mark Elliott, President
Dr Mohammed Munavvar, President-elect

Other members

Dr Martin Allen, Trustee, External Liaison
Professor Mick Steiner, Chair of Quality Improvement Committee
Dr Liz Sapey, Chair of Science & Research Committee
Alice Joy, Lay Trustee
Dr John Park, Chair of Education & Training Committee
Dr Justine Hadcroft, Chair of Models of Care Committee
Dr Luke Howard, Chair of the Standards of Care Committee
Dr Jenni Quint, Chair, Information Governance Committee
Dr Graeme Wilson, Chair of Specialty Workforce Committee 


The most recent Declarations of Interest for each Committee member is available via the links below.

Dr Martin Allen
Dr Jonathan Bennett
Dr Mark Elliott
Dr Justine Hadcroft
Dr Luke Howard
Mrs Alice Joy
Dr Mohammed Munavvar
Dr John Park
Dr Justin Pepperell
Dr Jennifer Quint
Dr Elizabeth Sapey
Professor Michael Steiner
Dr Paul Walker
Dr Graeme Wilson

Committee Documents