BTS Award for Meritorious Service

In 2008, the BTS Nominations Committee approved a new annual Award to be presented to one member each year who has:

  • provided a service to the Society far above that which one would normally expect for their position/role
  • and/or over a far longer period than would normally be the case
  • and/or in particularly difficult or delicate or trying circumstances

This award will not normally be awarded to Officers of the Society, whose duty and service is acknowledged by the holding of office.

Award Winners

  • 2018  Professor Adam Hill
  • 2017  Dr John White
  • 2016  Professor Wei Shen Lim
  • 2015  Dr Ronan O’Driscoll 
  • 2014  Dr Graham Douglas
  • 2013  Dr Christine Bucknall
  • 2012  Dr Graham Burns
  • 2011  Dr Gerrard Phillips
  • 2010  Ms Jane Scullion
  • 2009  Dr Martin Allen
  • 2008  Dr Steve Connellan